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Do you have questions about a pest in our area and how to get rid of it? Do you think you may need the help of a pest control professional but just aren't sure? Find answers to some common questions about pests in the Penobscot County area in the helpful links below. Learn some useful tips that will aid in your pest prevention efforts and discover the advantages of investing in professional pest control for your home or business!


While not all ant species pose a threat to us where we line and work, there are many that do. These common invaders often find their way inside homes and businesses while foraging for food.

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Cockroaches are invasive insects that are commonly found in both homes and businesses. They are considered dangerous pests as they are responsible for transmitting a variety of bacteria and diseases, causing health problems for people that may come in contact.

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Rodents are part of the order Rodentia, and make up about 40% of all mammals on the earth! These pests are extremely adaptable and can live in just about any indoor or outdoor environment.

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These arachnids come in a wide range of sizes and can vary drastically in appearance depending on their species. Many species of spiders have unique markings or patterns that help set them apart, and though most are harmless, bites from some venomous species can inflict significant harm.

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